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Responsible Cyber, a leading cybersecurity and risk firm, has been recognized as a New Champion by the 2021 World Economic Forum (WEF) for its innovative IMMUNE platform. The company recently participated in the second meeting of the New Champions community in 2022, held on December 1st and 2nd at the World Economic Forum Headquarters in Geneva.

The New Champions Community consists of companies that develop emerging technologies, new business models, and sustainable growth strategies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Responsible Cyber’s IMMUNE platform offers organizations comprehensive visibility and control over their third-party and supply chain exposures with cloud-based software that goes beyond security, risk mitigation, and compliance.

At the New Champions meeting, more than 50 CEOs and C-suite executives gathered to network, learn from experts, and share their experiences. Dr Magda Chelly, Managing Director, represented our organization and participated in the official meetings.

The agenda for the event featured discussions on building strategic intelligence, the global economic outlook, the role of purpose-driven companies in managing global challenges, the future readiness of SMEs and mid-sized enterprises, meeting the diversity challenge, and a state of the world address by Professor Klaus Schwab.

As a WEF New Champion, Responsible Cyber aims to expand its reach to global markets and businesses, supporting emerging technologies with tailored cybersecurity strategies. The company seeks to improve the cybersecurity posture of growing enterprises by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and incorporating exceptional capabilities into their platform and services.

Responsible Cyber’s co-founder, Mikko Laaksonen, expressed the company’s honor in being recognized as a WEF New Champion and their eagerness to collaborate with fellow members to promote a safer digital future for all.

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Responsible Cyber is a leading-edge cybersecurity training and solutions provider, committed to empowering businesses and individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to safeguard digital assets in an increasingly complex cyber landscape. As an accredited training partner of prestigious institutions like ISC2, Responsible Cyber offers a comprehensive suite of courses designed to cultivate top-tier cybersecurity professionals. With a focus on real-world applications and hands-on learning, Responsible Cyber ensures that its clients are well-equipped to address current and emerging security challenges. Beyond training, Responsible Cyber also provides cutting-edge security solutions, consulting, and support, making it a holistic partner for all cybersecurity needs. Through its dedication to excellence, innovation, and client success, Responsible Cyber stands at the forefront of fostering a safer digital world.