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Mikko Laaksonen, the seasoned Chief Technology Officer of Seitatech, recently embarked on a new journey as the co-founder of Responsible Cyber. With over 20 years of experience in IT services, including a decade in developing international payment systems, Laaksonen has been an influential figure in the rapidly evolving digital payments landscape.

Laaksonen’s impressive background includes not only the strategic development of Seitatech’s cloud strategy but also providing consultation on information security and application architectures to technology companies across Europe, Asia, and Africa. This wealth of experience and expertise positioned him as a highly sought-after Alma Talent specialist, where he provided training on the theme of “Payment Systems in a Turning Point – Succeed in Acquiring or Developing a Payment System.”

As digital payments have undergone a significant transformation due to the rise of the internet, digitalization, and smart devices, Laaksonen’s expertise has become increasingly valuable. The European Union has also played a growing role in regulating digital payments through directives like PSD2. As a result, businesses have had to adapt their strategies to keep up with the changing landscape.

Recognizing the need for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions in the digital payments sector, Laaksonen co-founded Responsible Cyber. This venture aims to help businesses navigate the complex world of cybersecurity, ensuring that their digital payment systems and customer data remain protected from threats.

Responsible Cyber offers a range of services, and has built IMMUNE X-TPRM, and programs tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses operating in the digital payment space. By combining Laaksonen’s extensive experience in payment systems with cutting-edge cybersecurity practices, Responsible Cyber is poised to become a leading force in the industry.

Mikko Laaksonen’s transition from a payment systems expert to the co-founder of Responsible Cyber reflects his commitment to addressing the growing cybersecurity challenges faced by businesses. As the digital payments landscape continues to evolve, Laaksonen and Responsible Cyber will play a crucial role in ensuring that businesses can securely and confidently leverage the benefits of digital payment technologies.

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