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The Problem We Solve

IMMUNE X-TPRM tackles the problems of unexpected business disruptions, reputation risk, financial losses, diminished trust, and legal non-compliance by ensuring that a company’s partners and suppliers are reliable, ethical, and legally compliant.

Unexpected Disruption

Just like a sudden storm can catch a ship off guard, businesses can be surprised by problems or disruptions from their partners or suppliers. IMMUNE X-TPRM helps avoid these surprises by keeping a constant watch, allowing businesses to be prepared and proactive.

Financial Loss

Fixing problems after they occur can be like plugging a leak in a boat – costly and urgent. IMMUNE X-TPRM identifies potential risks early, helping businesses avoid the high costs of resolving major issues later.

Reputation Damage

If a partner company gets into trouble, like a scandal or legal issue, it can tarnish the reputation of your business too. IMMUNE X-TPRM helps prevent association with unreliable or unethical partners, protecting your business’s good name.

Loss of Trust

Customers trust businesses that are responsible and ethical. If a partner fails to meet these standards, it can lead to customers losing trust in your business. IMMUNE X-TPRM ensures that all partners align with the business’s values and ethical standards, maintaining customer confidence.

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What We Do

IMMUNE X-TPRM, or IMMUNE Extended Third-Party Risk Management helps businesses keep an eye on and manage the risks that come with working with other companies.

Our platform provides a structured and strategic approach to managing third-party relationships, delivering value through enhanced risk management, compliance, and sustainability. This not only protects the company from potential risks and legal liabilities but also strengthens its reputation, operational resilience, and long-term success.

We achieve this through intelligent risk assessment, monitoring and offboarding.

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How we do

It’s easy to get started. Focus on current business priorities and build long-term partnerships !

Risk Assessment Time

Current industry benchmarks indicate that a comprehensive third-party risk assessment can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. By employing IMMUNE X-TPRM, we streamline these processes dramatically, cutting down the assessment time to a maximum of two weeks. This represents a reduction in time by more than 90% from the traditional models.

Cost Reduction

Studies suggest that TPRM activities account for a significant portion of operational budgets, often ranging between 5% and 10%. With IMMUNE X-TPRM’s efficient and automated system, we project a cost reduction of 30%, achieved through process optimization and the minimization of manual, labor-intensive tasks.

Risk Detection

Industry data show that an average of 25-35% of companies face third-party related disruptions or compliance issues annually. With the advanced analytics and proactive monitoring capabilities of IMMUNE X-TPRM, we assume a substantial improvement in risk detection, aiming to lower the incidence rate to below 15%, thus enhancing operational resilience.

Growth potential

Given that the current penetration rate of sophisticated TPRM solutions is estimated at 20-30%, the innovative and rapid assessment capabilities of IMMUNE X-TPRM are expected to boost market adoption. We target a growth in market share by 10-15% within the first two years, driven by the platform’s efficiency and the critical need for agile risk management solutions.

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The Benefits We bring

IMMUNE X-TPRM is a cutting-edge, AI-driven Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) solution that streamlines the risk assessment process, cutting down the time by 50% and reducing associated costs by 30%. This platform specializes in identifying, evaluating, and mitigating third-party risks with precision and speed, ensuring that businesses can manage their external partnerships confidently and efficiently.

By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning, IMMUNE X-TPRM delivers real-time insights and actionable intelligence, significantly enhancing decision-making and risk response strategies in the dynamic landscape of third-party relationships.

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Empower Your Team with Faster Onboarding

Dynamic Onboarding Surveys

Empower your organization by selecting from a suite of customizable questionnaires, meticulously designed to align with your unique operational needs. This tailored approach ensures that every team member’s onboarding experience is not only relevant but also resonant with your organizational culture and values.

Customizable, Goal-Oriented Onboarding Pathways

Transform your onboarding process with our innovative framework, adaptable to the nth degree to accommodate a variety of tasks and milestones. This flexible structure is crafted to streamline your team’s integration, fostering a seamless transition into your projects and promoting immediate productivity.

Smart, Efficient Validation for Immediate Collaboration

Jumpstart your team’s collaboration with our intelligent validation system. Our smart questionnaires are designed for rapid yet thorough vetting, ensuring that your team is ready to collaborate efficiently. This advanced approach minimizes downtime and propels your projects forward with the right talent, right away.

Intelligent – Customizable – Valuable

Manage and Streamline Risk with Precision

Real-Time Third-Party Monitoring

Elevate your third-party oversight with our real-time monitoring solutions. Tailored to provide precise insights, our system ensures you stay ahead of the curve, managing collaborations with unparalleled clarity. Empower your decisions with data that speaks to the minute, safeguarding your operations and enhancing trust in every partnership.

Proactive Engagement & Risk Mitigation

Redefine how you manage third-party relationships with our proactive monitoring tools. Designed to anticipate and address risks before they escalate, our platform empowers you to steer clear of potential pitfalls, ensuring your collaborations remain resilient and results-driven. Embrace a future where every partnership is a beacon of reliability and mutual success.

Predictive Analytics for Optimal Performance

Unlock the full potential of your third-party collaborations with our advanced analytics dashboard. Gain deep insights into performance metrics, compliance levels, and operational health, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive excellence. Our system not only monitors but also illuminates opportunities for growth, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and shared success.

Intelligent – Customizable – Valuable

Ensure Seamless Transitions, Enduring Legacies

Effortless Third-Party Offboarding

Ensure a graceful conclusion to third-party collaborations with our seamless offboarding process. Designed for mutual respect and efficiency, our approach safeguards your data and intellectual property while honoring the contributions of all parties. Experience transitions that are as respectful and productive as the partnerships they conclude, leaving a lasting legacy of professionalism and integrity.

Secure Offboarding with Strategic Foresight

Navigate the complexities of third-party disengagement with confidence and foresight. Our strategic offboarding solutions prioritize your security and operational continuity, ensuring that every exit is a step towards new opportunities. With comprehensive risk management and data protection, your business remains robust, ready to embrace the future with open arms.

Enriched Offboarding Experiences for Sustained Growth

Transform the end of a third-party engagement into a springboard for growth with our enriched offboarding processes. By capturing valuable insights and lessons learned, we turn each conclusion into a learning moment, enhancing your strategic playbook. Empower your business with the wisdom of experience, paving the way for even more successful collaborations ahead.

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Increase profits, secure efficiency and insights

Our intelligent platform monitors a wide array of risks, including Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), financial, operational, and cybersecurity risks, offers a holistic view of third-party risk landscapes.

It enables businesses to proactively identify and address potential vulnerabilities across all critical risk domains, ensuring a robust and resilient third-party ecosystem.

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