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Dell Technologies Forum took place on November 29 at the Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. The event, organized by the company which had temporarily halted in-person activities, attracted great interest from business leaders and industry experts.

Over 1,000 people attended the forum, including industry leaders, experts, Dell Technologies partners, stakeholders, and the press. Numerous professionals shared insights on how technology could help shape the future of businesses in Turkey. Participants explored Dell’s vision and groundbreaking products and solutions in various areas, from edge computing to artificial intelligence, multi-cloud strategies, and modernized secure technology solutions during breakout sessions and talks organized by Dell’s experts.

The forum began with an opening speech by Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President of Dell Technologies Middle East, Turkey, and Africa. Amin discussed how Dell’s vision and innovative solutions could contribute to the success and business continuity of organizations in the region and Turkey.

Following Amin, award-winning cybersecurity expert Magda Lilia Chelly took the stage. Chelly addressed the importance of criteria such as security, control, and scalability, and how to approach security issues with modern, end-to-end solutions.

Innovation Culture Requires Empathy at Every Step

Işıl Hasdemir, General Manager of Dell Technologies Turkey, also delivered a noteworthy speech at the forum. Referring to Dell’s recent Breakthrough research, Hasdemir stated:

“Creating a culture that sees people as the center of innovation and transformation requires empathy at every step. We are talking about a wide range of areas, from reliable technology designs that prioritize end-user experience and provide quick responses to change programs that guide employees’ enthusiasm and goals. Technology is a tool that reveals human capacity. Therefore, businesses that want to succeed must consider people, technology, and processes as a whole. In our Breakthrough research conducted by Dell, we revealed how people adapted to the disruptive changes we experienced a short time ago and what organizations could do to unleash the innovative spirit within their employees.”

In addition to her keynote speech at the Dell Technologies Forum, renowned cybersecurity expert Dr. Magda Chelly was also interviewed by Bloomberg TV Turkey for their popular show, “Silicon Valley.” During the interview, Chelly shared her valuable insights on various cybersecurity topics, the importance of raising awareness, and the challenges faced by organizations in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Chelly began the interview by emphasizing the ever-growing significance of cybersecurity in the era of digital transformation. She noted that with the increasing reliance on digital infrastructure, the threat landscape has expanded, making organizations and individuals more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Chelly stated that businesses need to adopt a proactive approach to cybersecurity, focusing on prevention and preparedness rather than merely reacting to incidents.

The discussion then shifted to the role of education and awareness in mitigating cyber risks. Chelly highlighted the importance of continuous learning for both individuals and organizations, stressing that staying updated on the latest cyber threats and best practices is crucial in the fight against cybercrime. She also mentioned the need for organizations to invest in regular training programs for their employees, as human error is often the weakest link in cybersecurity.

Addressing the challenges faced by organizations in implementing effective cybersecurity measures, Chelly pointed out that one of the primary issues is the lack of skilled professionals in the field. She encouraged businesses to invest in developing their in-house talent and to seek collaborations with external experts to bridge this gap. Chelly also underscored the importance of having a cybersecurity strategy in place that aligns with an organization’s overall business goals and risk appetite.

Finally, Chelly touched upon the responsibility of governments and regulators in promoting a secure digital ecosystem. She emphasized the need for international collaboration to tackle cyber threats and to establish a global framework for cybersecurity standards and regulations.

The interview with Dr. Magda Chelly on Bloomberg TV Turkey’s “Silicon Valley” show provided viewers with valuable insights into the world of cybersecurity and emphasized the need for a proactive and collaborative approach to protect businesses and individuals in the digital age.


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