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La Presse, a leading newspaper in Tunisia, has recently featured Dr. Magda Chelly, our Managing Director and a renowned cybersecurity expert, and her groundbreaking work in the field with Responsible Cyber. The feature emphasizes her achievements, including her founding of Responsible Cyber and her commitment to providing remote work opportunities for Tunisian talent. Moreover, it delves into her innovative approach to addressing supply chain risks through the IMMUNE X-TPRM solution.

Dr. Chelly, a Polish-Tunisian talent, has made significant strides in cybersecurity, earning her worldwide recognition as a leader in the field. Not only has she been named one of the top 20 most influential figures in cybersecurity by ISFEC Global, but her efforts have also been lauded by her home country’s prestigious publication, La Presse.

The feature in La Presse primarily focuses on Dr. Chelly’s company, Responsible Cyber, which provides cybersecurity, and risk management solutions and services across the globe. Under her leadership, the company has made a concerted effort to hire Tunisian professionals, offering remote work opportunities and supporting the local talent pool. This initiative demonstrates Dr. Chelly’s dedication to nurturing and empowering the next generation of cybersecurity experts from her home country.

The article also highlights the company’s product, an innovative solution developed by Dr. Chelly’s company to tackle supply chain risks. In an increasingly interconnected world, supply chain security has become a pressing concern for businesses and governments alike. Dr. Chelly’s IMMUNE X-TPRM solution aims to help organizations identify, assess, and mitigate these risks, ensuring the integrity and resilience of their supply chains.

La Presse’s feature on Dr. Magda Chelly showcases her commitment to advancing cybersecurity and fostering Tunisian talent. By spotlighting her achievements, the publication not only celebrates her individual accomplishments but also underscores the potential of Tunisia’s young professionals to excel in the global arena. Through her work with Responsible Cyber and her initiatives such as IMMUNE X-TPRM, Dr. Chelly continues to break barriers, promote diversity, and drive innovation in cybersecurity.


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